Coastal Canyoneering Experience is Here!

Coasteering Wexford
Coasteering Hook Head Wexford

Coastal Canyoneering

Its a new year so its only right that we bring you a totally new adrenaline filled Experience!

Have you heard of Coastal Canyoneering yet? No? Then let me tell you about this awesome new adventure experience that is taking Ireland by storm.

Let us take you out of your comfort zone and plunge you into your adventure zone on this Coastal Canyoneering experience (also know as Coasteering) within the powerful raw beauty of Hook Head at the tip of the stunning Hook Peninsula in County Wexford. Experience the pure thrill of jumping off ancient limestone slabs into blue waters, swimming through caves, sliding down naturally formed watersides and scrambling over uniquely formed million year old rocks! All this surrounded by the dramatic Hook Head coastline.

During this laughter- filled, adrenaline-packed activity, prepare for potential meet and greets with local seals, porpoises, gannets, sun fish, star fish and other amazing sea creatures! You won’t find a more fun experience in Ireland.


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