Graham Doyle - Owner & Guide

Wexford born Graham is the heart and the drive behind The Irish Experience.

After a stint in Multimedia and Purchasing Management, Graham gave into his passion and packed his bag to go travel around the world. Working in adventure tourism along his way it was something that just fitted perfectly as soon as he tried it on. He returned to his beloved Ireland in 2013 to study a Management degree in Adventure Tourism. Graham had a plan and on the strength of this plan The Irish Experience was born.

A natural adventurer and adrenalin junkie, there is little Graham hasn’t done- from negotiating raging rapids on rivers in New Zealand to jumping out of perfectly good planes at 19,000 feet. During his travels he was struck by two things - the lack of dedicated adventure tourism providers in Ireland and more importantly the potential this beautiful country has to host adventure travellers.

Graham believes that new experiences and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is what ultimately defines you as a person. With his qualifications, experience and team of experts around him, he wants you to get your adventure on with The Irish Experience.

Make it Mór!

The Irish Experience Kayaking Tours

Kimberley Reijsmeijer - Operations/Booking Office Manager

Hailing all the way from Den Haag, The Netherlands. Kimberley is an avid lover of all things outdoors. She has long held Ireland in her heart and wholeheartedly enjoys passing on her love for Ireland to others through The Irish Experience and Hook Head Adventures.

Kimberley is a European studies graduate and she even boasts a masters in German! She has a passion for languages and she is making the most of her educational exploits in Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands by maximising our potential on an international level! .

When she is not looking after your adventures with her infectious smile she has her head stuck into a good book. Weather on a couch or kayak, she will rarely be caught without a beloved book in hand!


Mark Purcell - Adventure Guide

Fresh out of completing a degree course in adventure tourism management in Tralee, Co Kerry, Mark has opened up the world of adventure for himself. Working in the outdoors has always been a priority for Mark. His fast progression in adventure tourism started with his true love for the outdoors and for the beautiful surroundings of his beloved Ireland.

When Mark is not guiding he is out hiking, fishing, touring on his bike or even out foraging for his dinner, something that Mark often likes to do. Mark is skilled in bushcraft and is the right man to be with when lost in the wildness! He’s our very own in-house Bear Gyrlls (only tougher).

Mark’s role with The Irish Experience does not stop at being a kayak or hillwalking guide, he also oils the cogs behind the scenes to make sure that you have the ultimate overall adventure experience.

Mountain Guide

William Nolan - Mountain Guide

William is our mountain man, a hillwalking guide based here in Ireland who also has a keen interest in climbing and mountaineering. He began hiking in 2009 and loved it so much that he immediately began his training to become a mountain guide.

Since 2009 he has climbed countless mountains at home and abroad and has no intention to rest on his laurels with plenty more expeditions planned ahead. Most notably William has scaled Kilimanjaro, Ben Nevis, Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc and in the future he hopes to climb the big daddy of them all, Everest.

When asked why do mountaineers put themselves through the suffering of exhaustion, cold, altitude sickness, bad falls and countless other dangers - he typically replies “For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t understand, no explanation is possible”. William will help you understand when he takes you on your next mountain explorer adventure.