Waterproof Jacket / Dry Cag – Red & Blue – Osprey

Waterproof Jacket / Dry Cag - Red & Blue - Osprey

Introducing the Osprey Spray Jacket, designed to be an ideal, all-round item for any water sports enthusiast! Ideal for activities from sailing to kayaking, jet skiing to power boating or even just walking and cycling in the rain! The elasticated but soft collar and cuffs help to keep the water out, whilst providing a comfortable fit and minimising chaffing. Great for wearing over a wetsuit, base layers or even just a t-shirt, this waterproof Spray Jacket is a great multi-use item and also helps to reduce wind chill.

  • Waterproof and durable – perfect for water sport enthusiasts!
  • Elasticated waistband for a comfortable fit and extra warmth
  • Adjustable velcro collar and cuffs for staying dry and minimising chaffing
  • Hidden front zip helps keep you dry
  • Great for wearing over a wetsuit or even casual clothes to keep dry and reduce wind chill