Coasteering Hook Head Wexford

Coastal Canyoneering

Its a new year so its only right that we bring you a totally new adrenaline filled Experience!

Have you heard of Coastal Canyoneering yet? No? Then let me tell you about this awesome new adventure experience that is taking Ireland by storm.

Let us take you out of your comfort zone and plunge you into your adventure zone on this Coastal Canyoneering experience (also know as Coasteering) within the powerful raw beauty of Hook Head at the tip of the stunning Hook Peninsula in County Wexford. Experience the pure thrill of jumping off ancient limestone slabs into blue waters, swimming through caves, sliding down naturally formed watersides and scrambling over uniquely formed million year old rocks! All this surrounded by the dramatic Hook Head coastline.

During this laughter- filled, adrenaline-packed activity, prepare for potential meet and greets with local seals, porpoises, gannets, sun fish, star fish and other amazing sea creatures! You won’t find a more fun experience in Ireland.



Last Friday marked the end of a fantastic educational adventure at the hands of Institute of Technology Tralee. But only in exchange for another more practical and real world adventure that I believe has the raw potential to make my life ambitions come true. This forthcoming adventure arguably has a hell of a lot more riding on it…

In 2013 I returned to beautiful green Ireland after living abroad for a number of years. Travelling was the name of the game and I can never be accused of not maximising my opportunities for adventure during those crazy years. I could probably write a whole book about it, but instead I’ll just leave a few pix here  😉

Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia were of particular interest to me on my travels.


Returning to Ireland was a well planned and structured process that was essentially plunging myself back into the world of full time education! Now, I was never a study geek, but the prospect of completing a management degree in ‘Adventure Tourism’ just seemed too good to turn down, it just had to be as fun as it sounded!

I was 27 at the time of starting the degree program, I knew by the time I completed it my 20’s would be behind me. This did not deter me but I suppose it did play on my mind from time to time before the course started. I told myself ‘you are only as old as you feel’ and I felt like I was 18 again, full of enthusiasm and excitement for what was to come. I may have felt 18 at heart, but my mind had the benefit of experience and life knowledge, this let me clearly define and outline ambitions and goals which I could have only dreamt about doing in my late teens or early twenties.

Now, two and a half years on, and after amazing stints in Scotland and America gaining as much experience of the adventure tourism industry as I could pack into my head. I now couldn’t be more ready to push this adventure into the real business end of things and get my company on its feet.

Two semesters studying and practical training @ The University of Highlands and Island in Fort William, Scotland.

Summer 2015 @ Hike Bike Kayak Adventures, an eco adventure tour company in La Jolla, San Diego, Sunny California.


Last weekend marked the end of college exams, assignments and lectures and signalled the beginning of my final preparations needed to finally launch “The Irish Experience” Eco Adventure Tours!

So whether you’re seeking some adventure therapy to get away from the stresses of life, or you just want to get outside and try something new, you can stay up to date with “The Irish Experience” launch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. I am currently working hard on getting the website off the ground and it will be online soon!  🙂

I hope to see you all on an adventure experience with me shortly, Sláinte chugat.

Graham Doyle



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